More details emerge about government reshuffle


Several caretaker ministers have requested not to be part of the new government, LBCI television said.

“Telecom Minister Johnny Korm has informed PM-designate Najib Mikati of this, proposing the name of Ziad al-Jalfoun to be his successor, and he has informed the Marada Movement of his decision,” LBCI quoted informed sources as saying.

“Finance Minister Youssef Khalil has also told Mikati that he does not want to assume any ministerial portfolio in the coming government, and should Khalil be changed he will be replaced by Yassine Jaber as has become known,” the sources added.

“As for the economy and displaced ministries, Mohammed Kanj has been proposed as a replacement for Economy Minister Amin Salam and he hails from Akkar. However, the obstacle remains over the Ministry of the Displaced, and the Progressive Socialist Party has not been informed of any candidate to replace Issam Sharafeddine,” the sources went on to say.

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