Akkar MPs discuss presidential vote with Kataeb Party


MPs Walid al-Baarini, Mohammed Suleiman, Ahmed al-Kheir and Sajih Atiyeh of Akkar’s National Moderation Bloc, accompanied by the bloc’s secretary ex-MP Hadi Hbeish, on Wednesday held talks Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel and MPs Nadim Gemayel and Salim al-Sayegh at Kataeb’s headquarters in Saifi.

“We discussed what gathers us, especially the attempt to devise a common strategy for the presidential election,” Sami Gemayel said after the meeting.

“Today we discovered that we have a very similar approach in the presidential issue and we will continue communication with all the parties and blocs with which we share the same concern,” Gemayel added.

Asked about potential candidates, Gemayel said: “What matters to us is the battle’s strategy, seeing as the previous session was quickly held and we didn’t complete the consultations among each other to reach a single approach, something that we should do for the next session.”

“Accordingly, we will intensify our contacts with all blocs and friends and with MP Michel Mouawad, the Lebanese Forces, the Democratic Gathering and the Change bloc, and the choices are open. We do not care about names but rather about what can rescue the country,” Gemayel added.

Hbeish for his part said the talks were “constructive and fruitful,” adding that “the common goal is the election of a president.”

“Our goal together with Kataeb is to reach the election of a president who represents us and the aspirations of the Lebanese,” Hbeish added.

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