Berri says Lebanese remarks over Hochstein's proposal are minor


Speaker Nabih Berri has said that Lebanon’s remarks over the sea border demarcation proposal presented by U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein are “minor,” hours after Israel rejected them through an unnamed senior official.

“Lebanon does not deal with media leaks, but rather with facts that are supposed to be carried by U.S. envoy Amos Hochstein, with whom our contacts are exclusively taking place,” Berri said in remarks to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper published Friday.

“The Lebanese remarks are minor and had been discussed with the U.S. envoy before they were officially sent,” Berri added.

He also noted that “what’s happening now are domestic Israeli electoral skirmishes that do not concern us,” adding that “Lebanon is awaiting an official response from Hochstein to act accordingly.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 07 October 2022, 20:42

If now is not the time for Lebanese Shia to join efforts with democratic forces and human right organizations  in Lebanon to form a peaceful human chain from Tyre to Tripoli in support of Iranian women and basic human right in Iran, when would it be?  Since the Green Revolution the Basij have killed thousands of freedom and human right seekers!  Haven't Iranian protesters sacrificed enough to win our support? Should we be reminded that Lebanese Shia are the most democratic Shia community in the world in spite of Hizbollah efforts and all Iranian protesters are asking is the same freedom Lebanese Shia have!

Missing Cheesecake 08 October 2022, 16:31

You forget that they are also sheep, just like the rest of us. Or most of us. They will neither take a stance nor stray from the their leaders stances. Look in europe and the US and how you find lebanese shia drinking alcohol, fornicating, their women showing their hair and dressing half naked, partying and living a generally unGodly life except when ashoura comes and it becomes time for them to proove how much they love Hussayn by posting on facebook. Yet they are 100% behind amal, the hizb and iran no matter what. They are living the very life the iranian protestors want yet it does not stop them from supporting amal, hizb and iran.

Missing Cheesecake 08 October 2022, 16:33

Nobody will change them or any other community. A few individuals here and there is one thing but not enough to actually make up a real force. Just like most sunnis are still behind Saad hariri and will follow him and refuse to hear any legitimate criticism of rafic hariri and most maronites are still with the LF/Kataeb or FPM/Marada despite all the blood and division and most druze are still with jumblat despite him flip flopping time and time again. The sheep mentality is solidly ingrained unfortunately