Aoun: Lebanon awaiting outcome of Hochstein's contacts with Israelis


President Michel Aoun announced Friday that “Lebanon is awaiting the outcome of the contacts that U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein is carrying out with the Israelis, in order to specify the course of the indirect negotiations for the demarcation of the southern maritime border.”

Aoun’s remarks come a day after Israel rejected Lebanon’s amendments to Hochstein’s latest proposal.

The president voiced his remarks in talks with visiting Arab League Assistant Secretary General Hossam Zaki.

Separately, Aoun said that “a country such as Lebanon with its uniqueness and pluralism cannot realize national partnership and respect for the National Pact in the absence of a president.”

"The ultimate priority at the moment must be for the election of a new president, because the presence of a president is essential for the formation of a new government and not the opposite," the president added.

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Missing phillipo 07 October 2022, 22:14

Wouldn't things go much quicker and easier if the negotiations were direct and they could operate directly with each other. Lebanon and Israel would be the first two countries still technically at war would spoke directly with each other.(e.g. USA-N.Vietnam, N & S Korea, or at the time Israel & Egypt, Israel & Jordan)

Missing Cheesecake 08 October 2022, 16:18

Give back everything you stole and there won't be a need to negotiate anything other than if you prefer to go home by plane or by boat depending on where you, your parents or grandparents came from to steal and live on stolen land and property. Thats a generous offer considering how much evil you have caused since your european zionist movement was formed.

Thumb gebran_sons 08 October 2022, 13:05

Regardless of the gas deal by this political mafia and Basij occupation forces to steal our natural resources, History will note that at the end of this traitor predidency that bankrupted a country, stole people lifetime savings, sold our freedom, democracy, justice and dignity to the Basij for 30 pieces of silver, History will note that FPM MPs are the one preventing elections of a sovereign presidents. No worst president in human history than Aoun, and no more traitor party in human history as FPM. FPM is what took us to hell, kept us under occupation, and now stealing our children future. They make Vichy collaborators look like saints in comparison.