Macron hails 'historic' Israel-Lebanon sea border deal


French President Emmanuel Macron has said the "historic agreement" between Lebanon and Israel that unlocks offshore gas production was an "important step towards more peace" between the two sides.

President Michel Aoun approved the U.S.-brokered maritime border deal on Thursday, a day after Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said it would make conflict with Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah less likely.

Macron congratulated Lebanese and Israeli leaders for their "efforts and their determination," the Elysee Palace presidency said.

"This is undeniably an important step towards more peace for Israel, for Lebanon and all the countries and peoples of the region.

"It will also contribute to the prosperity of both countries."

The agreement between the two sides that have remained technically at war since Israel's creation in 1948 has been applauded by world leaders including U.S. President Joe Biden.

The written agreement "establishes a permanent and equitable resolution of their maritime dispute," according to a copy seen by AFP.

It will go into force as soon as the U.S. sends notice confirming it has received from Lebanon and Israel their separate approvals.

The two sides will then deposit maritime border coordinates with the United Nations.

Under the deal, Israel has full rights over the Karish gas field which is expected to start gas production within weeks.

Lebanon will have full rights to operate and explore the so-called Qana or Sidon reservoir, parts of which allegedly fall in Israel's territorial waters.

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Thumb 16 October 2022, 17:41

A century again, the very same France split Vileyet Beirut from 30,490 km2 this tiny sectarian 10452km2 place … in 2022 they still want to benefit from their former colonies and protectorates . Not only they keep installing political puppets all over the banana republics loyal to them , but they use Total Energies and other consortiums to loot the natural resources of these countries be it oil, gas, uranium, gold, etc. I read somewhere that 4% of Israelis are ethnic French citizens .