Vacuum or Plan B: Mikati's govt. after Aoun's tenure


Minister of Tourism Walid Nassar has been mediating between Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati and Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, in a desperate attempt to overcome the obstacles hindering the formation of a new government before President Michel Aoun's term ends, media reports said.

A report, published Friday in al-Joumhouriah newspaper, said that Mikati has prepared all what is needed to "fortify" his caretaker government, once Aoun's term ends.

A ministerial source told the daily that "Mikati will move to plan B."

"He will get the powers of the President and will rule according to the constitution," the source said, adding that it will not be an easy task amid an unprecedented constitutional and political clash.

Another local media, al-Akhbar, had quoted yesterday Mikati as saying that it is too late to form a government and that "it is no longer worth it."

It said it had learned from sources that Mikati is confident, since the Christian parties, the Maronite Patriarch and the international community will consider him a constitutional Prime Minister.

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