Russia donates wheat and fuel oil to Lebanon


Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially authorized a wheat and fuel grant to crisis-hit Lebanon, media reports said.

The grant consists of 25,000 tons of wheat and ten tons of fuel oil.

Caretaker Public Works and Transport Minister Ali Hamieh was informed of the approval overnight and the delivery date will be revealed within the next two days, the reports added.

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Thumb Mystic 01 November 2022, 16:00

Thank you Russia, it is a true blessing to see Lebanon with ties to the Eastern sphere. The West have lost their former strength, especially in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Missing HellAndWaite 01 November 2022, 19:21

How unhonorable: steal grain taken, by an unprovoked adventure of conquest into Ukraine, from those (African nations) long promised that sustainance and already experiencing starvation and hardship, due to weather, climate and war, as a result of its taking ... Only to deliver to the lapdogs of your military suppliers and partners, who are personally responsible for impoverishing themselves by virtue of stupidity, avarice, and envy.

Thumb boulos1010 01 November 2022, 22:24

The killer wants to give stolen grain away