Fistfight and gunshots in MTV premises


A heated argument has escalated into a large fistfight in the studio of the popular political talk show Sar el Waqt hosted by journalist Marcel Ghanem.

Ghanem was forced to interrupt the broadcast on Thursday night, while the fight continued outside the studio, at the premises of the MTV building in Naccache.

The MTV security guards reportedly fired into the air and the army intervened and stopped the clash. Several got injured during the fight.

Students from the Free Patriotic Movement who were participating in the show were "attacked" by some members of the audience, the FPM said in a statement.

"The MTV security members dragged them out of the studio, beat them and fired gunshots," the statement added.

MTV said it will no longer receive FPM supporters in Sar el Waqt studio but that FPM leaders and MPs are welcome to participate in the show as guests.

"What happened is unacceptable," Sar el Waqt team said.

Many politicians and journalists supported MTV and condemned the "attack on the channel."

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Missing rabiosa 04 November 2022, 16:13

Nice one Naharnet. You only write what the FPM said but do not counter what MTV said making it sound like MTV is the perpertartor of this incident.

Get some real journalist to cover both sides will ya.

Thumb 04 November 2022, 21:46

We know FPMers are thugs, nothing surprises us anymore.

Thumb gebran_sons 05 November 2022, 16:32

Gebran Bassil has been upgraded from an evil political prostitute and a Useful Idiot to a Criminal. All FPM supporters are committing Grand Treason stabbing Lebanon's freedom and democracy in the back. They are worse than the Basij and a mortal danger to Lebanon's future and sovereignty.

Missing rayes13 05 November 2022, 19:08

Christians of Lebanon wake up country is going from your hands. Unity. Unity. Unity. Unity. Unity. Unity. Unity. Unity.