Qassem says Hezbollah not seeking new system in Lebanon


Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem has said that his Iran-backed party is not seeking a change of the political system in Lebanon.

“During this period, Hezbollah has not called for amending or changing the political system related to the Taif Accord, in light of the sensitivities present in Lebanon, and because the problem in the first place is not in amending it or not but rather in implementing what was stipulated in the Taif Accord,” Qassem said in an interview with Iran’s FARS news agency.

“After that we would see whether changes are needed or not,” he added.

“The first step for reform is the election of the president, the second is the formation of a Lebanese government and the third is the approval of the rescue, recovery or reform plan,” Qassem went on to say.

Asked about the current presidential vacuum in Lebanon, Hezbollah number two said: “What’s needed is an agreement among a number of blocs to rescue Lebanon in this period and finalize the presidential juncture.”

“The issue needs some time and contacts and in the end we will inevitably reach a solution,” Qassem added.

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Thumb 07 November 2022, 23:01

“Lebanon and Iraq Compete for the Title of Most Corrupt Country on Earth” is the headline of Israeli daily Haaretz. That’s how low we’ve fallen!

Thumb gebran_sons 07 November 2022, 23:09

LOL, Lebanon is already unrecognizable; and the Shia community in Lebanon has been transformed from the most democratic and intellectually vibrant in the world to a copycat of brainwashed Basij, living in misery and fear. A victim of Suleimani's kiss of death that transformed Shia communities throughout the region into dark-age arm worshipers devoid on any intellectual capacity or critical thinking; a requiem for democracy, freedom and civility; inprisoned via oppression and intimidation. A mile-wide support but inch deep, not dissimilar from the 99% support of Saddam and Kaddafi that evaporated the day the fall of these tyrants! Woe to Hizbollah the day Shia are liberated, their leader will not escape people anger for being duped for so long!