13 MPs file partial appeal against banking secrecy law


Thirteen MPs have filed a partial appeal before the Constitutional Council against the new banking secrecy law.

The appeal was lodged with the Council by MP Elias Jradeh, who was accompanied by the head of the legal dept. of the People Want to Reform the System group, Najib Farhat, who drafted the appeal, legal dept. member Ranine Awwad, and the head of the legal dept. of the Popular Observatory for Combating Corruption, Jad Tohme.

The appeal was submitted by the MPs Jradeh, Firas Hamdan, Osama Saad, Abdul Rahman al-Bizri, Paula Yacoubian, Charbel Masaad, Cynthia Zarazir, Yassine Yassine, Halima Qaaqour, Nabil Bader, Ibrahim Mneimneh, Waddah al-Sadek and Rami Fanj.

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