Karami extends hands 'to all except LF' as Rifi slams constitutional council ruling


Former minister and Tripoli MP Faisal Karami has said that his hand is extended to all parties, except for the Lebanese Forces.

A close ally of Hezbollah and Syrian President Bashar Assad, Karami had regained on Thursday his seat in parliament from dentist and pro-democracy activist Rami Fanj, following an appeal claiming the initial vote count in Fanj's favor was inaccurate.

"In these difficult circumstances, my hand is extended to everyone, except to the Lebanese forces," Karami said, as he voiced his support to the people of his "oppressed city", Tripoli.

Faisal Karami is the nephew of former Prime Minister Rashid Karami, who was assassinated in 1987. In 1999, LF chief Samir Geagea and ten other members of the party were found guilty of the assassination.

A long-time critic of Hezbollah, Tripoli MP and former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi slammed Friday the constitutional council's decision.

"There is an attempt to change the balance in parliament and to limit the representation of the opposition and change forces," Rifi said, urging these forces to unite against what he called "a targeted attack on every free voice."

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Thumb thepatriot 25 November 2022, 11:39

Another Syrian Lover!

Thumb galaxy 25 November 2022, 12:40

"In these difficult circumstances, my hand is extended to everyone, except to the Lebanese forces," Karami said

The Lebanese Forces are more honorable than you will ever be.

Thumb i.report 25 November 2022, 20:45

Once again, corruption and crookedness prevailed. God bless Lebanon’s judiciary impartiality and independence.

Thumb gebran_sons 26 November 2022, 01:46

This is another jerk and a supersize Useful Idiot. Protecting Tripoli starts by bringing to Justice those who planed mosque explosions that killed many, starting by Bashar advisor Ali Mamlook. Second, bring to justice those who assassinated Rafiq Hariri and are occupying Lebanon with salaries paid by criminal Iran regime; not to mention indoctrinating Shia with a radical culture foreign to Lebanese values and tradition. These Basij responsible from isolating Lebanon from its Arab surrounding and bankrupting its economy. Helping Tripoli starts by restoring independence, sovereignty, democracy and state institutions. Karami has already sold Tripoli and Lebanon for 30 pieces of silver.

Thumb i.report 26 November 2022, 05:54

Thank God Naharnet and Lebanon aren't part of the Western "woke" cancer. or else most of us from all horizons wouldn't be able to comment the news.

this is what you get on Reddit!


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