'Lenghty' vacuum expected despite Paris bid to 'convince Riyadh' with Hezbollah role


The presidential vacuum will be lengthy despite the "intensity" of the French efforts and attempts by Paris, backed by Washington, Riyadh and some local forces, to reach a "compromise candidate called Joseph Aoun," al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Saturday.

It added that France is trying to convince Riyadh that it is "impossible to bypass Hezbollah in the presidential file" and that "negotiations with it are obligatory regarding any supposed settlement that Saudi Arabia wants, even if it revolves around the army chief."

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Thumb i.report 26 November 2022, 14:42

France’s political power of influence is marginal. What Paris thinks or says has become irrelevant... maybe it’s for the best.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 November 2022, 03:44

Next president with Saudi Help-Carlos Ghosn:
Reformist plus sovereign.
1. Lucid has technical advantage over Tesla. May become one of most valuable car companies in the world. At one time was worth $70 billion.
2. While current CEO Peter Rawlinson is an amazing engineer from Tesla & Greek-Australian Andrew Liveris (Chairman) has experience from DOW, they managed to create a wonderful car but failed at production putting Lucid future at risk even bankruptcy.
3. Considering Saudi is largest shareholder, they should replace top post with Carlos Ghosn as production is key and Ghosn connections and skills are irreplaceable combined with Saudi exerting influence to solve supply issues.
4. Saudi can clear Ghosn records with Japan & France (pay judgement) and Ghosn free to save Lucid that lost 80% of value.
5. Ghosn after ending all legal issues can be Lebanon's next president to solve current deadlock that will last a while!

Thumb gebran_sons 27 November 2022, 03:44

Why Carlos Ghosn should be Lebanon’s next president?
1. Lebanon has the human, educational and entrepreneurial potential of becoming the region’s next Singapore.
2. Political risks by Hizbollah (Iran’s foreign legion) and its incompetent/criminal useful idiots has destroyed Lebanon’s capability to remain center of regional business, attract investment, incubate innovative businesses, provide space for talent and long-term investments
3. Ghosn has proven history of identifying points of strength, restructure an entire management team, building an effective coherent team, eliminate dead weight, compete and win in most competitive industry, and innovate (Leaf).
4. He has the skills to set Lebanon on right track: clean house, Neutrality & no arms outside army, federalism, restructure public agencies, innovate (electrify transportation, tunnels, mini-silicon valleys, targeted high education, etc), and a bridge with diaspora that is essential to resurrect the Lebanon!

Missing arturo 27 November 2022, 06:48

Lebanon is allied with Iran not KSA. What KSA wants is irrelevant.