Over 10 MPs file appeal against 2022 state budget law


MP Paula Yacoubian on Monday filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council against the 2022 state budget law.

The appeal carried the signatures of more than ten lawmakers.

“What’s being published (in the official gazette) is different than what is being ratified in parliament. This happened with the state budget and the course must be rectified,” Yacoubian said.

“The hike in the salaries of the public sector must be accompanied by reforms, most importantly axing the illegal employments,” she added.

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Thumb natour 28 November 2022, 16:23

What kind of lazy reporting is this, "carried the signatures of more than ten lawmakers", how many exactly?

Thumb natour 28 November 2022, 16:25

BTW nice "Nasrallah" pose from Paula ;)

Thumb i.report 28 November 2022, 17:33

Unfortunately, She’s on of them… she stashed her money abroad without ever disclosing the amounts as previously agreed when she joined the civil society.