Tashnag says Boujikian's move 'shall not pass' without consequences


Tashnag Secretary-General Hagop Pakradounian slammed Tuesday caretaker Industry Minister George Boujikian for defying the Tashnag Party.

Boujikian had attended Monday a caretaker cabinet session, despite a declared Free Patriotic Movement boycott and a decision by the Tashnag party not to attend.

By attending, Boujikian secured quorum for the session.

"This shall not pass without consequences," Pakradounian said.

He told al-Jadeed TV that "for personal reasons, Boujikian did not abide by the party's decision," adding that hospitals had asked him to attend as he owns a medical equipment company.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati had called for an emergency session, arguing that the caretaker cabinet needs to approve urgent matters, including a decree related to medical services offered to cancer and dialysis patients.

The FPM considers that cabinet should not convene amid the ongoing presidential vacuum, labeling such a move as an attack on the president’s powers.

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Thumb i.report 06 December 2022, 15:09

Hagop Pakradounian Wants the country to collapse further… this guy is as evil as the ottomans responsible for his ancestors’ exodus.

Hang him for treason !