Bassil won't break ties with Hezbollah despite 'strong blow'


Hezbollah’s cover for Monday’s cabinet session was a “strong blow to the Free Patriotic Movement and its head Jebran Bassil, who will hold a press conference today and is expected to mainly address Hezbollah in it,” al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Bassil “will not break ties with Hezbollah and he will wait to see if Hezbollah will break ties with him,” senior FPM sources told al-Akhbar.

Monday’s session was “a strong step from Hezbollah in this direction, and the party’s clinging to Suleiman Franjieh’s nomination is also insistence by the party on deepening the separation,” the sources added.

“As long as Hezbollah is clinging to the political establishment and to aiding it in the implementation of its agenda, the (Mar Mikhail) Agreement will be exhausting itself,” the sources said.

The growing differences had started with “the electricity file and then the expat voting file, whose price was paid by Hezbollah itself, all the way to the parliamentary alliances whose price was also paid by the party,” the sources pointed out, while also citing “the pressure to designate (Najib) Mikati as premier, not pressing him to form a government all the way to yesterday’s session.”

MP Salim Aoun of the FPM had announced Monday that the caretaker cabinet session was “a blatant message from our allies.”

“This obligates us to reevaluate these alliances, seeing as the Lebanese Forces has taken a stance that resembles ours despite the differences between us,” Aoun added.

MP Asaad Dergham of the FPM meanwhile said that “the Shiite Duo is impeding the presidential election sessions and is betting on our fatigue in order to negotiate over its candidate Suleiman Franjieh.”

“As an advice, I tell them that this matter will increase Christian resentment towards them,” Dergham added.

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Thumb 06 December 2022, 15:13

Criminals need one another , otherwise it wouldn’t be called a mafia ! Even Berri is in it despite the show of hostility, well it’s only a show for the masses.

Thumb gebran_sons 06 December 2022, 15:24

Definition of a disposable Useful Idiot! HizbIran got everything it needed from FPM. Christians got nothing, lost everything including reputation, getting screwed by these idiots. More to come with Frangieh, another Useful Idiot. Hizb will get everything it wants from Frangieh while Lebanese and Christians will get screwed again. I only blame Lebanese who elected the same mafia and are willing to be occupied by Iran's foreign legion taking Lebanon to hell and misery. That is what Lebanese deserve and who can blame the civilized world from abandoning us with all these Useful Idiots covering for the occupation!