FPM: Hezbollah didn't keep its promise not to join cabinet session


Hezbollah had promised the Free Patriotic Movement that it would not take part in Monday’s cabinet session but it did not honor its pledge, MP Ghassan Atallah of the FPM said on Wednesday.

“What happened violated the constitution,” Atallah lamented, in remarks to al-Jadeed TV.

“If Hezbollah believes that such type of sessions might press the FPM to endorse presidential candidates, this would be saddening, and the FPM’s rules do not change under pressure,” the MP added.

“This period resembles the 1990 coup and today there was an attempt to do this but it failed,” Atallah went on to say, charging that caretaker PM Najib Mikati is “implementing what the Shiite Duo has tasked him with.”

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