FPM bloc proposes parliamentary probe into Salameh's 'offenses'


Twelve lawmakers from the Free Patriotic Movement-led Strong Lebanon bloc on Tuesday submitted a draft law aimed at “forming a parliamentary panel of inquiry into the offenses committed by Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh.”

“The Lebanese judiciary has refrained from prosecuting him despite the lawsuits filed against him in several foreign nations, and in the file of financial transfers to abroad,” the bloc said.

The proposal was signed by the MPs Cesar Abi Khalil, Samer el-Tawm, Farid al-Bustani, Salim Aoun, Charbel Maroun, Edgard Trabulsi, Nada al-Bustani, George Atallah, Nicolas Sehnaoui, Ghassan Atallah and Jebran Bassil.

The long-serving governor, 72, is among top officials widely blamed for Lebanon's unprecedented economic crisis, dubbed by the World Bank as one of the worst in recent world history.

In June, a Lebanese prosecutor probing Salameh on suspicion of financial misconduct requested charges be issued against him based on preliminary investigation findings, a court official said at the time.

Lebanon opened a probe into Salameh's wealth last year, after the office of Switzerland's top prosecutor requested assistance in an investigation into more than $300 million which he allegedly embezzled out of the central bank with the help of his brother.

Both Salameh brothers have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

The central bank chief has remained at the helm despite Lebanese courts slapping him with a travel ban and investigating him in connection with several other cases.

He also faces lawsuits in European countries, including France and Britain, on charges of financial misconduct.

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Thumb gebran_sons 13 December 2022, 16:51

Bunch of idiots if not traitors, lead by most corrupt evil politicians convicted by US of major fraud, having stole billions from power ministry leaving Lebanon in darkness. What bankrupted Lebanon is the high interest rate caused by FPM killing businesses and investments; allowing Lebanon to be invaded by Hizbollah, Iran's foreign legion; the destruction of our economy, democracy, justice and freedom by Hizb; and the illegal crossings controlled by Hizb as well as its armed militia isolating Lebanon and making us a pariah state. They should all be in Jail!

Missing rabiosa 13 December 2022, 17:05

Always trying to find blame on someone else to absolve themselves.

What bankrupted the country is the unlimited borrowing and spending by the government that did not help a single citizen, The funds were all stolen, wasted, given to cronies of the political class.

I have not heard any politician, economist, journalist that comes on TV talk about that. Yet the MPs want to put Capital Control on my money and everyone else's.