Ministers to meet Friday to discuss cabinet rift


Ministers from the various political parties will meet on Friday to discuss the work of the caretaker government in light of the latest standoff between the Free Patriotic Movement and the rest of the government’s components.

“A consultative ministerial meeting will be held tomorrow at 4pm at the Grand Serail to discuss the issue of mending the governmental rift and finding solutions for the current disputes,” MTV reported.

The TV network added that the discussions would also tackle the issue of who is entitled to “sign the decrees that were issued by the government in its December 5 session.”

Caretaker PM Najib Mikati and other parties had argued that the Dec. 5 meeting had been necessary in order to approve urgent matters including a decree related to cancer and dialysis patients.

The FPM meanwhile described the session as unnecessary, unconstitutional and an attack on the president’s powers amid an ongoing presidential vacuum.

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