Report: Arab, Western officials to meet in Paris over Lebanon


A meeting over the Lebanese presidential file will be held in Paris, by the end of the year, al-Akhbar newspaper reported.

The daily said Thursday that an American-French-Saudi-Qatari meeting is being prepared to discuss possible presidential candidates, adding that France has set a deadline for a political settlement to be reached.

Informed sources have told al-Akhbar that France is still trying to involve Saudi Arabia in the Lebanese details, while the latter is still refusing to discuss candidate names.

"KSA is holding to a list of conditions and has no intention to get involved in a settlement," the sources said, adding that Riyadh is only committed to the French-Saudi humanitarian fund.

The Saudis and the Americans are not interested in the Lebanese file, despite the French and Qatari initiative, the daily said.

Meanwhile, French affairs journalist Tammam Noureddine told al-Jadeed TV that none of the foreign countries is interested in the Lebanese file and that the American-French-Saudi-Qatari meeting won't be a high-level meeting.

"The meeting will be attended by political advisors and will not involve any leaders," Noureddine said.

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