Khalil: Hezbollah, FPM won't collide, Understanding still existent


Hezbollah Coordination and Liaison Officer Wafiq Safa has said after meeting Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil that "those dismayed by the (Hezbollah-FPM) understanding will not be happy tonight."

A Hezbollah delegation comprising Safa and Hezbollah secretary-general’s aide Hussein Khalil had met Monday with Bassil in Sin el-Fil's Mirna Chalouhi area.

"Hezbollah and the FPM are going in the same direction and will not collide," Khalil said after the meeting, adding that the talks were honest and clear, and that other meetings will follow.

He added that the Mar Mikhael understanding is still existent.

"We live in a country with permanent political debates, and we are two parties with two ways of thinking, working on finding common ground," Khalil said.

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Thumb gma-bs-artist. 24 January 2023, 17:15

If you really want to know how the meeting between the Iranian Hezb and the FPM went, look at what's missing in this picture. The very fact that Gebran Bassil, the photo op whore, the midget who's never seen a podium with mics he didn't run to commandeer, is missing, silently tell you the whole story. This was not a meeting between two equals this was a dressing down, something Wafiq Safa is an expert in.