'Even if it costs me my life': Bitar wants justice before blast anniversary


Lead investigator into the Beirut port blast Judge Tarek Bitar has told The Associated Press that he will go on with the investigation, “even if it is going to cost me my life" and hopes that there will be an indictment ahead of the third anniversary of the blast this coming August.

“I have nothing against Judge Oueidat but there are some suspicions that came up. He should come and defend himself,” Bitar said. “I will continue with the case and I will not leave it unless they remove me completely."

“Everyone that I summon has to come because the blood of the victims is above everything,” the judge added.

Lebanese judge Tarek Bitar crossed all red lines and openly challenged an entrenched ruling elite, as he decided to resume his investigation after a slew of lawsuits, mostly from politicians charged in the case, forced him to stop work for 13 months.

On Wednesday, he refused to step down from the probe, rejecting charges brought against him by Lebanon's top prosecutor in the politically charged case, Judge Ghassan Oueidat.

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