Report: Shiite Duo not taking Jumblat's presidential initiative seriously


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat will meet with Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain el-Tineh on Tuesday, after Jumblat postponed a previously scheduled meeting for health reasons, al-Jadeed said.

The media outlet added that Amal and Hezbollah will not take Jumblat's presidential initiative seriously, according to sources close to the Shiite Duo.

Previous reports had said that Jumblat and the Shiite Duo are leading “strenuous attempts to break the presidential deadlock” and that Jumblat is “seeking to limit the nominations to two presidential candidates who can be promoted as settlement candidates".

"It is not possible to compare MP and presidential candidate Michel Mouawad to Marada chief Suleiman Franjieh," al-Jadeed quoted the sources as saying.

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Missing rabiosa 31 January 2023, 17:20

What they all need to do is tell everyone who wants to be president to declare their candidacy and every MP votes, round 1, 2, 3 4 , 5 tec... whomever gets the necessary numbers congrats. End this charade.

You got Berri & Jumblatt who always insist on "Consensus", which means they all still want a piece of the pie and keep syphoning public funds to their cronies and eventually to their pockets.