Nasrallah warns US, Israel against 'chaos' in Lebanon


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday warned the United States against seeing to stir “chaos” in Lebanon, warning that such an upheaval would spread to the entire region.

“The Americans must know that if they push Lebanon to chaos and the Lebanese people suffer, we won’t stand idly by and watch the chaos. We will rather extend our hand to make you feel pain, even if that leads to the choice of war with your beloved Israel,” Nasrallah said in an annual speech commemorating Hezbollah’s slain leaders Abbas al-Moussawi, Ragheb Harb and Imad Mughniyeh.

“If you push Lebanon to chaos, you will lose in Lebanon, and you should expect chaos in the entire region,” Nasrallah cautioned.

“The environment that you are seeking to target with chaos, suffering and pain will not give up its principles,” he emphasized.

Nasrallah added that Lebanon “should not accept any procrastination by the companies” in the issue of offshore oil and gas exploration, warning that his group might not allow Israel to continue producing gas from its fields should “procrastination” continue.

As for the economic situations, Nasrallah said the dramatic surge in the dollar exchange rate and the prices of commodities must be addressed, describing the public sector's demands as rightful.

“There is nothing new in the presidential file and we all saw what happened in Paris. It is true that the Lebanese are responsible,” Nasrallah added.

Moreover, he said “no one can impose a president on Lebanon” and that the effort should be domestic.

And noting that Lebanon “would benefit the most from breaking the siege on Syria,” Nasrallah called on the caretaker government to “devise a plan” for preparing for earthquakes.

Separately, Nasrallah said the Mar Mikhail Agreement between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement is in a “critical” situation, hoping it will be “preserved for the sake of the national interest.”

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Missing mcessen1 16 February 2023, 16:16

Nasrallah: "On the anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyr Rafik Hariri, we extend condolences to his family, movement and all advocates".

LOLOLOLOL!! And you had no part in his Martydrom, right???

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 16 February 2023, 17:38

What a flagrant liar and hypocrit, while it is his men, Hizbullah fighters who executed Rafik Hariri's brutal assassination. No one will accept such blatant lies. Instead of offering his phoney condolences, Nasrallah should deliver the criminals who were formally condemned for life imprisonment by the International Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Thumb gebran_sons 16 February 2023, 22:12

Nasrallah is a top criminal and assassin that can't fool anyone anymore. He has no credibility blaming the US, France, banks, Gulf, nationalists for Lebanon's woes. Hizbollah and its Useful Idiots are 100% responsible of where we are today instead of being the Singapore of the region. He is structurally changing an entire nation, indoctrinating a whole community, and sacrificing our freedom, dignity and independence for Iran nuclear nirvana. Sadly we are no longer one nation and are moving towards dividing the nation into Hizbollahstan and Free Lebanon that can easily regain being the Switzerland of the region without Hizbollah cancer. The growing economic woe will simply accelerate the process. Now time to put all the Useful idiots from Aoun/Bassil to SSNP/Frangieh in prison to gradually liberate Free Lebanon in preparation for a new nation.

Missing singldad 16 February 2023, 18:04

Nasrallah: we assassinated him and we attended the funeral.
2atalou ou mechou bi jennezou

Thumb 16 February 2023, 19:43

Next Tuesday is the long awaited Mahdi Gras, it’s too early for his to spew his hatred!

Missing un520 16 February 2023, 20:59

Actually, he means "If you push Hezbollah"...not Lebanon..

Thumb Mystic 16 February 2023, 21:05

Drowning Israel with us in the Abyss is better than letting them and their America Drown Lebanon with impunity and without any circumstances. Atleast we have the ability to take Israel down with us alhamdolilah.

Missing phillipo 17 February 2023, 15:53

Dream on

Missing ross 16 February 2023, 21:07

God bless the resistance for keeping our lands free of the Zionist entities and it's American allies who are trying to keep us from electing a president and attempting to sabotage our strong economy.

Thumb 17 February 2023, 12:18

Oké Diana… i’ve been told the one from Baalbek is the strongest because it’s sun dried .

Missing HellAndWaite 16 February 2023, 22:23

"Resistance" is a lie.
Nasrallah is a liar.
All those who lay with liars lie as liar.
Pharaohs no longer rule.
To liars, all that is the fault of Western Democracies.

Default-user-icon Faresee (Guest) 16 February 2023, 23:45

This guy and all of the ruling politicians in Lebanon have no shame. They talk as if they live in a different world. The country is burning, no money, no jobs, no water, no electricity, no education, no infrastructure, yet they behave as if all is well and they are the protector of people, and what's happening to Lebanon is someone else's fault. This is unbelievable. Pretty soon they will be ruling themselves. Exodus of the Lebanese is at its highest in generations.

The Shiites in general and the Hizb in particular greeted the Israelis with rice and roses when they were liberated them from the Palestinians in the South. The constant threat against Israel and US is nothing but a cover up because the real threat is Sunni islam. That's why they want to keep their arms and not because of Israel. Enough lies and deception!

Thumb justice 17 February 2023, 04:36

Nasrallah: If the Americans push Lebanon to chaos, we won't stand idly by and we'll make them feel pain, even if that leads to the choice of war with Israel.

... I am sure the terrorist obtained the Lebanese people's approval through their parliament and institutions before he issued his threats of war. What a pos!

Thumb Geralt 17 February 2023, 06:16

les chiens aboient la caravane passe

Thumb Geralt 17 February 2023, 06:22

الكِلاَبُ تَنْبَحُ وَ القَافِلَةُ تَسيِرُ

I just learned that the origins of this expression and its etymology is either Turkish or Arabic.

Thumb 17 February 2023, 12:19

It’s Turkish because it rhymes…. Busta !

Salutations distinguées.

Missing cedars 17 February 2023, 13:35

The liar The Liar the Liar.
Arms to control the state of Lebanon.
You did exactly what Assad did to his own people with Port of Beirut blast.
You do not want to reveal the truth of Port of Beirut (you brought the Nitrate to help the Assad regime and threaten on public TV that you could target with Nitrate the jewish state, they were smarter, found where you stored them and hit your target from the SKY. You do not want this revealed by Bitar so that your own people won leave you and give credit to Israel. Amin Gemayel got Lebanon MORE than what you negotiated and signed now, Just remember that. But you called him Israeli follower.

Missing phillipo 17 February 2023, 15:52

"his group might not allow Israel to continue producing gas from its fields should “procrastination” continue."
I'd love to see him try. That would certainly be the beginning of the end for his and his terrorist gang.

Missing gabriel01 22 February 2023, 07:21

It’s always funny when someone hiding in sewers threatens others. Shou abaday.