Report: Shiite Duo agrees to Franjieh-for-Salam deal


Intensive contacts will be held over the next two weeks in a bid to reach a presidential settlement within weeks or a few months at the latest, a media report said.

The deal may be reached in late spring or in June at the latest, sources close to the Shiite Duo (Hezbollah and Amal) told al-Liwaa newspaper in remarks published Saturday.

“A settlement is looming in the horizon, under which (Marada Movement chief Suleiman) Franjieh will be elected (as president) in return for the appointment as premier of (ex-)ambassador (to the U.N.) and (former) International Court of Justice judge Nawaf Salam,” the daily added.

Quoting “credible sources,” al-Liwaa said that in the wake of the latest Paris meeting, the French sent a “clear message” to Hezbollah about the aforementioned Franjieh-for-Salam deal.

“It seems that the Shiite Duo has agreed in principle to endorse the proposed settlement,” the sources added, noting that “the Lebanese Forces bloc will secure the necessary quorum for Franjieh’s election.”

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Thumb ex-fpm 25 February 2023, 15:39

Even if this "story" is true, it just confirms that hezbollah will be in total control of Lebanon. The Prime Minister position is actually useless since the PM can be easily removed specifically if Hezbollah insists on having third veto power. When one third of the government resigns, the whole government is considered resigned. Hence, you can change PM every week if you so wish. We all saw what happened to Saad Hariri.

Thumb gebran_sons 25 February 2023, 19:11

Sleiman Franjieh for Dummies:
1. Intellectual capacity: non-existent
2. Economic achievements: feudal pariah
3. Major achievements: None
4. Political skill: Syrian Assad stooge
5. Civil War: sided with Assad against nationalists
6. Friends: Hizbollah, SSNP, Berri, Jumblat
7. Political relevance: Hizb Useful Idiot
7: Today relevance: Arabs gift to Assad
8. Dumbest of all: Change MPs

Missing gabriel01 25 February 2023, 19:23

So Lebanese can expect another civil war to reminisce about his grandfather. As long as the hezb rules Lebanon, the country will slowly die from that Iranian cancer. Sad.

Missing cedars 25 February 2023, 21:35

Wait a minute. If we read historical data the father of the president massacred innocent people in Miziara church and run away from the Lebanese authorities to Syria where Hafez Assad protected him.
Is this who we want to tell the next generation the new Lebanese president comes from?

Thumb gebran_sons 25 February 2023, 21:36

If no escape from looking to the past, next president should embody qualities of 3 former presidents: Bashir, Rafiq and Saddr (two were martyred, third would be assassinated by Hizb’s Basij if still alive). Yes, we desperately need Bashir radical nationalism and independence, Rafiq vision and ability to deliver and progress (same DNA that build Dubai), and Saddr belief in building up own community rather than tearing down others, and strength through united Lebanon rather than hegemony. I would add Tueni’s oath as key ingredient. Frangieh is the opposite of what’s needed. A stooge of Assad when Lebanese were fighting Syrian occupation, zero development achievements even criticizing rebuilding Downtown Beirut; and worst becoming the new Hizbollah’s Useful Idiot after disposing of Aoun/Bassil, allowing Iranian occupation to continue and Hizb control of all state institutions insuring Lebanon remains in hell and under Basij control.

Missing B.K.L 26 February 2023, 14:09

Don't compare the terrorist Bachir with Rafiq Hariri and Mousa Sadr. Who did they kill? Who did they massacre? Who did they rape? Bachir was a war criminal, he built nothing. He destroyed and brainwashed maronites into hate, racism and arrogance. He hated khaleeji Arabs and contributed to the maronites saying "i am not arab, i am phoenician" nonsense that is so cringy. He caused inter-lebanese hatred and inter-maronite hatred. He taught maronites to be brutal and went against the teachings of Jesus Christ. He had no actual vision for Lebanon. The fact that you praise him shows how fake you are.

Thumb 26 February 2023, 16:52

Istez BLK, you do not offer any suggestions or recommendations for how to move forward or rebuild the nation. To rebuild a Lebanon, constructive criticism, dialogue, and a focus on solutions are necessary, rather than personal attacks and blame games.