Geagea says Berri's camp obstructing presidential vote, not Christian disaccord


Lebanese Froces leader Samir Geagea said Monday that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri's camp is the one to blame for the obstruction of the presidential election sessions, not the Christians' disaccord.

Berri had accused in an interview with al-Liwaa newspaper the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces of rejecting his calls for dialogue, warning that "without dialogue, the result will be further paralysis of the country.”

Geagea responded that the Axis of Defiance was obstructing the sessions and that Amal's MPs were leaving every session before the second round of voting.

"We have a candidate but we failed to secure the needed votes," Geagea said, adding that the Shiite Duo has been obstructing the sessions until it secures votes for its candidate.

He added that the Lebanese Forces problem is not with the Muslims or the Christians. "It is a political disagreement between a camp including Muslims and Christians and another camp also including Muslims and Christians."

Geagea went on to say that he disagrees with Amal as much as he disagrees with the Free Patriotic Movement.

On another note, Geagea said he would attend on April 5 the “day of prayer and contemplation” that Maronite patriarchate Beshara el-Rahi had called for.

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Thumb Mrowwe 21 March 2023, 14:35

The "lebanese" forces has massacred people from all sects after all, even fellow maronites, so how can anyone accuse it that it has a problem with any one particular sect?

Missing thecause 21 March 2023, 20:38

God bless you hakim only person in this country that says things as they are!