Hariri: Arabs Must Recognize SNC as Legitimate Representative of Syrian People

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former prime minister Saad Hariri on Friday called on the Arab countries to recognize the opposition Syrian National Council as the “legitimate representative” of the Syrian people.

Hariri warned about “the dangers of the war waged by the Syrian regime against the growing popular revolution across Syria,” said a statement released by his press office.

“The military campaign waged by the armed brigades of the Syrian regime against the cities of Homs, Zabadani, Daraa and other cities witnessing popular movements, is a dangerous episode of the bloody series sponsored by international and regional parties that agreed to give Bashar al-Assad the opportunity to pounce on his people and protect his political regime with all brutal methods,” Hariri said, as quoted in the statement.

“The Syrian regime has reached the edge of collapse,” the ex-PM noted, adding that Assad’s government has disregarded “the almost unanimous Arab and international condemnation of the regime and of its crimes.”

Hariri said Assad “would not have dared to invade the Syrian cities and villages with tanks and rocket launchers hadn’t he received an external cover that allows him to do so.”

He called on the Arab countries to take “practical steps that go beyond condemnation, and even beyond imposing economic sanctions.”

“They should start by recognizing the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, and pull the rug from under the feet of the brutal regime.”

Hariri claimed that “Assad’s Brigades are currently engaged in the last battle to defend a regional axis, which is seeking to remove Syria for good from the Arab sphere and to seize its national decision under the pretext of defending the regimes of resistance and defiance.”

The former premier said the Lebanese had “a national duty and a brotherly responsibility” to express solidarity with the Syrian people.

“Large Lebanese groups have lived similar situations of oppression and tyranny in the past and were subjected to military attacks by the same regime that is killing its own people now,” he noted.

“We are confident that the Syrian people will triumph in the end, no matter how brutal the regime is, and that the forces of tyranny will receive the same fate that all criminals receive usually,” Hariri added.

Separately, the ex-PM’s press office said Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem visited Hariri on Friday at his Paris residence to inquire about his health following the leg surgery he underwent.

“Hariri also received, for the same purpose, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, and MPs Michel Pharaon, Sami Gemayel, Hadi Hbeish, Ghazi Youssef and Khodr Habib as well as (Independence Movement chief) Mr. Michel Moawwad and Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh,” the press office added.

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Default-user-icon Beirut (Guest) 10 February 2012, 17:51

lool, man this guy is too much.

Default-user-icon Fatem Pacha (Guest) 10 February 2012, 17:52


Missing peace 10 February 2012, 18:40

they eventually will, just a question of time....

Missing maronite 10 February 2012, 20:19

Rafic hariri married an iraqi woman first, then a Palestinian. Rafic hariri was saudi, so his children are saudi as well. Saad hariri is saudi and has an iraqi mother, and a syrian wife. The hariri tribe have nothing to do with lebanon yet we allow them to govern us.

We are selling our country to all who are willing to pay. Already saudis, kuwaitis, qataris and iranians own land in lebanon. Is this something that we are proud of? Are we proud that beirut has become a khaleeeji colony?

The once maronite jnoub is now shiite with fake lebanese whos families are actually from bahrain, iran, syria and iraq and who took the south by force.
Nobody raise their voice about this. Whether Aoun, Gemayel or Geagea, all of them have chosen their favourite mohammed or ali and worked for his interest instead of the interest of maronites. If aoun is sincere let him take back southern lebanon and if geagea and gemayel are proud then let them take back the north and beirut.

Missing peace 10 February 2012, 21:35

back to the crusades! yeee haaa!

Default-user-icon Le phénicien (Guest) 11 February 2012, 00:18

Chou ya Maronite. C'est vrai ce tête de con de Hariri ne mérite pas d'être Libanais. Je suis d'accord avec toi de le renvoyer chez papa Saoud et les Khanezirs. Mais tu dois admettre que notre pays est composée de différentes communautés et qu'il n'est nullement besoin de dire que certaines sont étrangères car on a tous des origines venant des pays avoisinants. Beaucoup de Chrétiens, y compris Mar Maroun sont originaire de la Syrie, par exemple. Soyons tous uni pour que le Liban ne devienne une khaleeeji colony

Thumb jcamerican 11 February 2012, 14:49

Where do you get your information from? Who kicked the christians out of the Jnoub? What do you mean by getting Beirut and the North back? You sound very angry. So I take it, you want to live in Beirut, but you can't for some reason.

Missing allouchi 10 February 2012, 20:53

Blower, You showed your true colors by being a bigot and a RACIST.

Missing allouchi 10 February 2012, 20:56

Syrian National Council + M14 = No more M8 (period).
bye bye ya hilween...mouuuuuuuuuu

Thumb ado.australia 11 February 2012, 01:50

So allouchi, once again your betting on foriegn help to eliminate "fellow" Lebanese. Bravo.

Missing peace 10 February 2012, 21:34

there are many christians and intellectual in the SNC mr blower :)

Missing peace 10 February 2012, 21:36

i meant mr thrower no offense

Thumb jabalamel 10 February 2012, 22:47

the filthy slimy zionist media terrorists are hallucinating about what will happen after syria regime change only to never whitness syria regime change.

also, they hallucinate a lot about lebanese people, claiming that rafiq harriri was saudi and also that my southern tribe came from "bahrain, iran, syria and iraq".


Default-user-icon Guess (Guest) 11 February 2012, 01:13

The only and biggest zionist in here is you and Hezbollah which is the biggest favor to israel since it is a pretext for them to keep getting support from the whole world because of your terrorist like behaviors. Jabal Amel, I wish you, your 14 brothers and sisters, and 12-14 kids, and all your fellow hezbollah gangs can spare us and get the hell out of Lebanon.

Default-user-icon GuessWhat (Guest) 11 February 2012, 01:18

The only reason the filthy zionist Jabal Amel and co are here is because they know no one watches their biased news at al-manar and thus, will have no one to argue with. However, Let me say, the only Zionist in here is Jabal Amel, and Hizbullah is the biggest favor for israel since it is used as a pretext for israel to get all the support from the west and money and weapons. Please Jabal if you may, take you 14 brothers and sisters, your 14 kids, your parents, bigdig, hizbullah and aoun and get the hell out of Lebanon once and for all.

Default-user-icon Ravit Shankar (Guest) 11 February 2012, 03:58

Cheikh Imbecile must be in excruciating pain to utter a stupidity like this one. But then, cheikh Imbecile seems to be suffering from chronic pain, and this is why he utters nothing but stupidities all the time. What makes it worse is the he is attended to by Dr. Samir Imbecile. Wishing cheikh Imbecile a recovery won't do much. Neither will the pain killers that Dr. Imbecile is prescribing him. Call it khel2a.

Default-user-icon cedarjet (Guest) 11 February 2012, 08:14

funny how his statements come after the qatari, punching well above his category, paid him a visit.

Also funny how those 'Christian' mps, visited saad, at the same time as the qatari.

We can see hbeish (the syrian dabkeh master) along with petit sami, buying new play stations with qatari money.

Default-user-icon Enough (Guest) 11 February 2012, 08:27

Flamer, a Syrian Sunni should not represent his own people? - Sharia, you should be more concerned about what Hezbollah has in mind for Lebanon if they had their way. - "multiethnic multiconfessional country"... Syria has been a dictatorship for almost 40 years ...who died and left the Assad's Kings? Why shouldn't the Syrian people want to have a say in their own country. A Free Syria next to a Free Lebanon, why not hope for that

Ado.australia, the one's receiving foreign help to eliminate "fellow" Lebanese, you can only be speaking about Hezbollah.

The rummer is that Jabala-babble was abducted by Zionist aliens and experimented on. They removed his brain and replaced it with a tape recorder. By accident the aliens dropped him into the most evil hole on earth, The Big Rats underground nest. There with and endless supply of Iranian propaganda tapes (smuggled in thru Syria) he arouse among the people to spread the immortal words  "Filthy Zionist"

Default-user-icon Trueself (Guest) 11 February 2012, 09:54

Maronite: You speak about Sunni and Shai that they did everything they can to get from the so called Maronites the south and beirut and labelled them as serving their sects which indeed is true, but aren't you doing the same: you say maronites as if the Christians in Lebanon are only Maronites. The Maronites comprise less than 50% of the Christians. I am a Greek Orthodox and our sect is more or less equal to the maronites in number. Stop this bullshit of yours. You Maronites at some point and for many decades have eaten Lebanon alive. You put your peoples everywhere and destroyed the fabric of this country. You are not allowed to speak in this way because your people destroyed this beautiful country with their stupid greed and family interests.

Default-user-icon Braveheart le phénicien (Guest) 11 February 2012, 11:19

Hello Rudes and Bravo for your comment.
Mais ce Saado à la con, ce Khanzir personne ne veut de lui ni en France ni ailleurs. Il faut lui suggérer de rester chez les Khanazirs Saoudiens dit "princes"

Missing hasanzibowawa 11 February 2012, 20:36

Victory soon for those who yearn for freedom of speech and expression. long live the people of Soorya el Hooriya wal Karama!

Default-user-icon Yordo Beeka (Guest) 12 February 2012, 00:29

Can you check with Gabby or peace of allouchi or thepatriot or shab or aragon or Dr. Ahbal Wmecheh. aka in the west as Dr. Samir Zenekh, to find out how soon this victory is coming? These farts seem to know exactly how soon the regime will fall because they have been predicting it pretty much every Wednesday and Sunday since at least 2005. Welcome to the club, young predictor with a lame name.

Thumb jabalamel 12 February 2012, 02:39

the filthy zionist media terrorists are so angry on me that they wish me to leave lebanon forever.

why don't you come here with you genocidal militia and make me leave?