Committees session marred by Zoaiter-Khalaf and Khalil-Gemayel clashes


A Joint Parliamentary Committees session witnessed verbal clashes between lawmakers on Tuesday.

Al-Jadeed television said shouting, slurs and banging on tables were heard after a clash erupted between MP Ghazi Zoaiter of the Amal Movement and MP Melhem Khalaf of the Change bloc.

“The clash broke out after Zoaiter objected to Khalaf’s call for electing a president,” a parliamentary source told the TV network.

The session also witnessed a verbal clash between MPs Sami Gemayel and Ali Hassan Khalil.

And as MP Hadi Abou al-Hosn described the atmosphere as “tense,” MP Paula Yacoubian said: “It seems that they want to make a mini civil war in order to postpone the municipal elections.”

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Missing samiam 29 March 2023, 08:39

I guess we know where amal supporters get their inspiration and guidance...