Gemayel refuses a president of 'Hezbollah republic'


Kataeb party leader Sami Gemayel said Wednesday that Hezbollah will not be able to impose a president on the Lebanese and that such a president would be the president of "Hezbollah's republic" and not of all the Lebanese.

In a press conference, Gemayel said that the elected president should have the ability and willingness to negotiate in order to restore sovereignty and solve the problem of Hezbollah's weapons.

"We should go to parliament and elect a president who can unite the Lebanese and who is not imposed on us," he said.

Gemayel decried provocative behavior and attempts to establish superiority over others, amid an unprecedented economic crisis.

During a joint committees session on Tuesday, Amal MP Ali Hassan Khalil had reportedly said to Gemayel that he is a "son of criminals."

"What happened yesterday could have pushed the country to a dangerous place and if I had behaved differently, I don't know where Lebanon would have been today," Gemayel stressed.

He said that "it is time to look forward but it seems that they are still living in that (war) era."

"We know what war means and we don't want to return to it," he added.

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Thumb gebran_sons 29 March 2023, 15:56

FYI, correct name is Hizbollahstan!

Thumb chrisrushlau 29 March 2023, 20:15

Clearly the constitutional solution is a hereditary monarchy. Each major Christian party can have a king. All minor Christian parties receive a kingdom at the proportion of two kingdoms for every five minor Christian parties.

Thumb abe.linconstein 29 March 2023, 23:05

HaHa chrisrushlau that's very funny but all kidding aside what do you think the solution should be?
chrisrushlau replied "well Abe, as we know the Shias are the majority by A LAAT! I mean 'Trump got the majority and won in 2020 by A LAAT', A LAAT. Clearly Christians are less than 30 present and they think they are Phoenicia so they can sail away and settle elsewhere. According to my precise calculations, this makes the Sunnas and Druse at about 20 percent combined and soaking wet. Nothing wrong about Berri telling Mikati or whoever replaced them respectively what to do and it's done, simple. This way and Lebanon will live happily ever after like in the fairytales."

Missing singldad 30 March 2023, 20:50

for once make some sense and stop plagiarizing.

Thumb boulos1010 31 March 2023, 05:13

Give it up, your comments are very childish.

Missing thecause 30 March 2023, 06:38

Samy Gemayel i.e populism at its best

Missing cedars 30 March 2023, 14:05

United States of Lebanon. no other option. east state of lebanon and west state of lebanon is the solution.