Khalde’s Arab tribes block roads after Khaldeh clashes ruling


Members of Khalde’s Arab tribes blocked Wednesday the Khaldeh-Beirut highway, after the military court issued rulings overnight against detainees of the Khaldeh 2021 clashes.

In August 2021, deadly armed clashes erupted during the funeral of a Hezbollah-linked man who was killed a night before in a vendetta shooting. The clashes left at least five people including three Hezbollah members dead.

The detainees from the Ghosn, Moussa and Shahine families were sentenced from seven to ten years in prison, and 8 fugitives were sentenced to death, al-Akhbar newspaper said.

Eleven defendants were acquitted and 6 others were released. Abbas Mussa and Mussa al-Ghosn were sentenced to five years of hard labor.

Members of the Lebanese Army later on Wednesday reopened the blocked road, as protesters hurled stones at them.

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