Report: Election of new president has become imminent


Pulling Lebanon out of its presidential vacuum has become imminent, an Arab diplomat said.

"The contacts made major progress over the past weeks and the continuous political clash in Lebanon does not reflect the reality of what's happening abroad," the diplomat told al-Joumhouria newspaper in remarks published Monday.

"There is consensus within the Five-Nation Gathering on the need to end the presidential vacuum that has started to pose a risk to the Lebanese political situation," the diplomat added.

He also revealed that the agreement would also encompass the designation of a premier and the formation of a government so that the Lebanese situation "does not face obstacles in terms of designation and formation following the election of the president."

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Thumb 01 May 2023, 15:21

This guy has been calling for Syrian refugees against the Lebanese … look how he tries to defend himself.

He’s a Zionist shill , who naively believes it’ll help him evade justice.

Thumb 01 May 2023, 15:34

This guy has been calling for Syrian refugees TO RISE against the Lebanese.