Bassil says no Lebanese, Christian, Saudi support for Franjieh


Free Patritic Movement leader Jebran Bassil, who has no specific presidential candidate, will not attend a voting session that would elect Hezbollah's candidate Marada leader Suleiman Franjieh.

"I haven't suggested a name, but I've refused candidates and considered others," Bassil said in an interview.

He added that he has failed to agree with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Forces, the change and the independent MPs, and the Progressive Socialist Party on a name.

"There is no domestic will to elect Franjieh and the Christian forces do not want him," Bassil said, adding that the Saudi neutrality is not "a positive stance".

"It is as if the Kingdom is saying do whatever you want," the lawmaker said.

Bassil considered that there are three groups in Lebanon, the Axis of Defiance supporting Franjieh, the opposition secretly supporting the Army chief, and a third group comprising the FPM, independent MPs and the PSP.

"A president cannot be elected, unless two of these camps agree on a president, and the third camp agrees to secure quorum," Bassil said, refusing a "confrontational president" in case two of these camps managed to secure quorum.

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