Geagea says Hezbollah, FPM 'irresponsible' in dealing with Salameh case


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea accused Tuesday the Shiite Duo and the Free Patriotic Movement of "irresponsibility" in dealing with public affairs.

Geagea blamed the FPM and the Axis of Defiance for the crisis, the banking and monetary collapse, and for the resulting dire living conditions.

"They are responsible for what would happen in the banking, monetary, and living situations," Geagea said.

Lebanon on Friday received an Interpol red notice issued against Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh in France over corruption charges.

On Monday, ministers debated Salameh's case in a consultative meeting, as local media reports said that some ministers asked for the dismissal of Salameh while others preferred to keep him in his post until a judicial decision is taken.

In a cabinet session on Friday, ministers will decide whether or not to dismiss Salameh from his post.

"They're dealing with the situation with the same mentality and approach that have led us to hell," Geagea said.

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Thumb gebran_sons 23 May 2023, 15:27

Salameh is no saint but any developing country would be extremely fortunate for a Central Bank Governor that stabilized currency for 20 years while under armed occupation by Syria then Basij. He is a diversion of the economic & banking crisis. Real culprit is Hizbollah that caused an exodus of western firms, assassinated Hariri and M14 martyrs introducing political risk & sky-high interests ending investments, blocked government & shut down Beirut to stop Hariri court bankrupting businesses, caused billions in EDL deficits, started 2006 war making Lebanon a pariah state aligned with criminal Iran, destroyed independence and sovereignty turning Lebanon into Banana Republic, set up illegal crossings responsible for $20 billion reserve loss since 2019; Yes Hizbollah and its Useful Idiots are the main culprit. Salameh maintaining stable lira for so long is a miracle. Wake up people we are under occupation!

Thumb 23 May 2023, 23:42

You're absolutely correct in your assessment. The situation bears a striking resemblance to the economic collapse Argentina experienced over two decades ago and despite the passing of 22 years, their economy has not shown signs of recovery. On the contrary, the situation has worsened. Sadly, Lebanon has suffered a similar fate, the commencement of the theft can be traced back to 2010 when the State initiated a pattern of excessive spending. Consequently, every minister and prime minister since that year has actively contributed to the systematic destruction of Lebanon... all parties are guilty.

Thumb gebran_sons 23 May 2023, 23:49

Economy 101. If Lebanon kept the 7% GNP growth after Cedar Revolution, not only exchanged rate remain stable, but also debt substantially paid off. Most important factors for developing countries are stable exchange and desirable investment environment. That what Lebanon had, in addition to high education, tourism and capable diaspora. Hariri rebuilding Downtown Beirut and investing in infrastructure and airport put us on path of Singapore. Our standard of living should be higher than Saudi. But the cost of Hizbollah and its useful idiots on Lebanon is in the hundreds of billion. Risk management is a science on which banking, insurance, public policies and planning depend. Hizbollah cost will be fully estimated in best universities by PHD thesis funded by diaspora so truth is restored and every Lebanese understands what happened and the real culprits.