FPM, Atallah say talks ongoing with LF, opposition


MP George Atallah of the Free Patriotic Movement has noted that presidential negotiations between the Lebanese Forces and the FPM “have not stopped,” contrary to the latest statements and reports.

“There is a common concern between the two parties and the two leaderships are following up on this communication,” Atallah told LBCI television.

“We have reached a good place and agreed on many issues but other matters need clarification,” he added.

The FPM’s political commission for its part reiterated the Movement’s call for “a president who would gather rather than divide” and who would be “reformist in his behavior and platform.”

“In this regard, the FPM stresses the continuation of the ongoing dialogue with the opposition blocs, without backing down from anything that it has so far agreed on, with the aim of reaching a non-provocative candidate who would not challenge anyone,” the commission added.

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