Geagea, Bassil slam 'unconstitutional' and 'provocative' cabinet session


Lebanese Force chief Samir Geagea on Friday described a Cabinet meeting that got underway at 3:00 pm as “unconstitutional,” noting that “the majority of the items on its agenda are not urgent.”

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil for his part lashed out at caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, calling him the head of a “caretaker government that lacks complete legitimacy, constitutionalism and respect for the National Pact.”

“In the name of the force majeure and the state’s higher interest, he has called for a cabinet session to discuss 72 necessary, urgent and emergency issues, including mutual consent contracts, ordinary lines of credit and appointing a board of directors for the cannabis cultivation regulatory commission,” Bassil said in a tweet.

“This is a major provocation and a blow to the National Pact, partnership and the constitution. What’s worse is that the matter is happening amid the silence of spiritual and political leaders who claim to be keen on the presidency post and who call for a speedy election of the president,” Bassil lamented.

“Those calling for such sessions are deliberately continuing the policy of keeping the post vacant so that they manage to fill it with someone that they want or want to impose,” the FPM chief added.

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