Azour meets leaders in Lebanon, says has 'rescue project'


The Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department at the International Monetary Fund and ex-minister Jihad Azour has told all parties in Lebanon that he does not want to be a “confrontation president,” a media report said.

A confrontation president “would fall at the first test in parliament and I want to be the president who carries a rescue project for the country with everyone’s agreement,” Azour told the Lebanese parties, according to al-Jadeed TV.

Azour voiced his remarks during a recent two-day visit to Lebanon in which he met with Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, Kataeb Party leader Sami Gemayel, Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea, ex-PM Fouad Saniora and Speaker Nabih Berri, amid ongoing communication with the Change forces and the Democratic Gathering, al-Jadeed said.

And citing "unconfirmed reports," the Progressive Socialist Party's al-Anbaa news portal said Azour also met with MP Mohammed Raad of Hezbollah in Haret Hreik.

Al-Jadeed added that during a walk in the garden of the Ain el-Tineh Palace with Berri, the Speaker told Azour that he has “nothing against” him.

“But we as a (Shiite) Duo have our natural candidate Suleiman Franjieh and we are clinging to him,” Berri told Azour.

“Go find your path,” the Speaker added, according to al-Jadeed.

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Thumb gebran_sons 29 May 2023, 04:47

Talk is cheap. Can Azour fulfill president critical tasks?
> Insure no arms outside army including Hizbollah and Palestinians
> Demarcate land & maritime borders with Syria starting Shebaa Farms
> End political mafia & dinosaurs
> Action plan to return Syrian refugees
> Close all illegal crossings
> Eliminate political risk, UN Charter Neutrality
> Recovery & reform plan: End corruption, Accountability, gov processes
> Restructure banking, unified currency, end EDL subsidy
> Restore high education & targeted fields (AI, Cyber security, Pharma, etc)
> Renewable energy (solar, wind, dams)
> Infrastructure (tunnels, monorail, fiber optic)
> Modernize industry & agriculture (automation, robots, AI)
> Tourism (trails, cruise ports, new airports, attractions, archeology)
Without disarming HizbIran & ending political mafia all is in vain.

Thumb gebran_sons 01 June 2023, 02:43

Once upon a time we had Cedar Revolution 1 with a simple and clear objective. Today there should be Cedar Revolution 2 with simple and clear objective. Both will be million plus peaceful demonstrations. CR1 was misappropriated by incompetent and tribal politicians. CR2 will be safeguarded by competent and powerful Diaspora free of any allegiance to corrupt system and politicians. Once liberated from HizbIran occupation and political mafia, after restoring democracy and sovereignty, Diaspora will join silent majority to turbocharge Lebanon recovery at speed not witnessed in history.

Missing phillipo 30 May 2023, 10:41

What about joining Abraham accords?