Raad launches scathing attack on Azour and his supporters


Hezbollah’s top lawmaker Mohammed Raad has launched a vehement verbal attack on the presidential candidate Jihad Azour and his supporters, in Hezbollah’s first public comments on the nomination of the ex-minister and current International Monetary Fund official.

“The candidate whose name is being circulated is a maneuver candidate whose mission is to confront the nomination of the candidate supported by us,” Raad said, calling on the rival camp to “stop wasting time.”

Lamenting “the presence of voices nominating such people for the Baabda Palace,” Raad added: “We want a national understanding and real partnership that would preserve the country on which we are keen, not ‘lost replacement’ candidates.”

“Those who don’t want a representative of (the Axis of) Defiance are saying ‘we have our republic and you have your republic’ and are seeking to partition the country,” Raad charged.

“We are proud of our belonging to a resistant, national choice that preserves the people and the country and we will not change it. We want our country to stabilize and it won’t stabilize unless a president who meets its aspirations is elected,” the Hezbollah legislator added.

In an apparent jab at Azour and his role as a former finance minister, Raad added: “As for the economic crisis that has pressured the Lebanese, some of these people were employed in it and were of its promoters, and accordingly how do they want the people today to count on their services.”

“Their entire work is to conspire against the resistance, and the slogan they have voiced is toppling the resistance’s arms and inciting against it. The meetings that they are holding are within this context, whereas the resistance is dealing with the matter calmly, because it knows that these people want an illusion,” Raad said.

“They are delusional and do not know the facts, seeing as the resistance is bigger and stronger than them and all those who support them, and they cannot eliminate the resistance choice,” the MP added.

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Thumb i.report 29 May 2023, 14:10

By targeting Azour, Hezbollah inadvertently presents him as an attractive candidate to those who oppose Iran's dominance over Lebanon. However, it is important to recognize that Azour is a toxic individual, and Lebanon truly deserves a better leader.

Missing un520 29 May 2023, 15:27

So much for dialogue, the Hezbollah way...

Thumb ansarullah 29 May 2023, 18:13

God bless our Shia resistance aka Hezbollah and the "Ahali" for supporting the democratic process of electing a president. The resistance's democratic roots and practices are evident at every corner of public life and governance. The election of the great Michel Aoun and the events of May 8th are but a few examples of the resistance's firm belief in the democratic process. By naming another candidate, the opposition once again shows its insincere intentions not to reach consensus on a matte so vital to the country's interests.

Thumb gebran_sons 30 May 2023, 00:51

Hizbollah Facts (or Iran’s Foreign Legion, Shia Taliban):
Fact 1: Basij killed tens of thousands educated Iranian in 2010 Green Revolution
Fact 2: Basij created Hizbollah in Lebanon to stop Shia democracy form spreading into Iran
Fact 3: Reformer Imam Moussa Saddr would no doubt be Green Revolution key supporter
Fact 4: Basij/Hizbollah would've surely killed Imam Saddr if still alive in 2010
Fact 5: All Shia who voted for Hizb/Amal (Basij) voted for Imam Saddr killers
Fact 6: Shia are primary victims of Hizb occupation, isolation & destitution of Lebanon
Fact 7: Hizb a curse on Shia as Aoun/Bassil/Frangieh curse on Christians & Lebanon
Fact 8: Never been less secure & more isolated & destitute since HizbIran invasion