Shiite Duo believes Azour can't get 'more than 50 votes'


It has “become clear” that the Free Patriotic Movement and the opposition forces will not go to parliament to vote for Jihad Azour, because “they know that he is incapable of garnering more than 50 votes,” Shiite Duo sources said.

“They are using his nomination to exclusively burn Suleiman Franjieh’s card, because they believe that through that they would be paving the way for the endorsement of a third candidate,” the sources added, in remarks to ad-Diyar newspaper published Monday.

“We will not give up our candidate easily and we are willing to take part in any presidential election session and let the candidate who receives the necessary votes win,” the sources added.

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Missing cedars 29 May 2023, 18:58

I dare to open the doors of the parliament, why are you afraid to go and vote for Franjieh?

Let's see how many votes he will get.

Thumb natour 29 May 2023, 22:28

Bassil will never vote for anyone except Gebran Bassil.