Report: Centrist candidates considered as Azour advised to withdraw


Negotiations between the opposition parties have become limited to one presidential candidate, after ex-minister Jihad Azour was advised by Ain el-Tineh to withdraw from the presidential battle, sources informed on the overnight negotiations said.

In light of the aforementioned advice, it seems that Azour “has taken the decision of making a safe and guaranteed exit,” the sources told ad-Diyar newspaper in remarks published Monday.

The Free Patriotic Movement has meanwhile limited its choices to two centrist candidates, while the Lebanese Forces is rejecting the candidate on whom the FPM and the opposition have agreed, the sources added.

The LF is “insisting on a confrontation candidate,” the sources said.

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Thumb ice-man 29 May 2023, 16:29

I respect the anonymity of the sources.

Missing womendoc 29 May 2023, 18:36

We want Ziad Baroud...he is a Bashir Jr

Thumb Mrowwe 29 May 2023, 19:29

How may massacres has he committed to be called Bashir junior? How many maronites has he slaughtered? How many Druze? How many Muslims? As far i know, Ziad Baroud has not participated in war crimes so why insult his name by likening him to a terrorist that built nothing and only caused destruction and division during his accursed life?

Thumb 29 May 2023, 19:53

Ziad Baroud, as the minister at the time, was complicit in a government-led scheme in 2009 and onwards that can only be described as the outright theft of people's savings. This audacious decision sent shockwaves throughout the nation, as hardworking individuals were unjustly targeted and had their financial security brutally stripped away to this day.

During his tenure, Ziad Baroud held a position of power and influence, making him a key player in the government's despicable act. He cannot escape responsibility for his role in this reprehensible policy that devastated countless lives.

Thumb gebran_sons 30 May 2023, 04:48

If as reported Azour accepts Hizbollah arms and Iranian rockets on Lebanese soil he is an economic idiot. Any person with half a brain understands that no recovery and reform without sovereignty and no arms outside army. Lebanon woes started when Hizb political risks and criminal activity downgraded Lebanon economy and increased interests to sky-high levels. A 2% increase in US borrowing interest is crippling Egypt and every developing country. Hizbollah added 6% to 10% borrowing interests for 15 years drying up investments, bankrupting a nation and devaluing savings and retirements thereby destroying Lebanese past, present and future. Azour appears like a total ignoramus and fully incompetent. Complete waste of time.