Constitutional Council dismisses appeals against municipal vote postponement


The Constitutional Council on Tuesday dismissed the appeals filed against the law that extended the terms of municipalities and local officials.

At a press conference, Council chief Judge Tannous Meshleb said the decision is aimed at “preserving the continuity of the work of public institution,” arguing that “the constitution was created for the sake of the public interest.”

“We are not protecting anyone,” he added.

The Kataeb, Tajaddod and Lebanese Forces blocs and a number of Change MPs had filed two appeals against the law, after parliament voted to extend the terms of municipalities and local officials, paving the way to postpone municipal elections for up to a year for a second time.

Lebanon’s municipal elections were originally slated for May last year but were postponed for a year because they coincided with parliamentary elections, which brought in a dozen reformist lawmakers running on anti-establishment platforms.

Opposition and reformist groups would likely continue this momentum and win additional seats if local elections were held, as living conditions across the country continue to deteriorate.

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