Will PSP endorse Azour for presidency?


The Progressive Socialist Party will soon discuss the nomination of former minister Jihad Azour, PSP MP Wael Abou Faour said.

The lawmaker said all the bloc's MPs will vote for the same candidate.

"Azour is not a confrontational candidate and we were the first to suggest his name," Abou Faour said.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea had confirmed Wednesday that an agreement was reached between the opposition and the Free Patriotic Movement on Azour’s presidential nomination. He said that Azour could get more than 65 votes but doubted that Speaker Berri would call for an electoral session before the Shiite Duo's candidate Suleiman Franjieh secures 65 votes.

"The other camp doesn't have the right to impose Franjieh and to refuse all other names," Abou Faour said, adding that Berri might, under pressure, call for a session but quorum might not be secured. "U.S. sanctions threats could speed up the presidential election," Abou Faour said.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf had reportedly warned that her country might impose sanctions on Lebanese officials if they continue to obstruct the election of a new president.

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