Change MPs hold talks with opposition, to meet Azour soon


Representatives of the Lebanese Forces, Kataeb and Tajaddod blocs and a number of Change MPs held a meeting Thursday to “devise the appropriate mechanisms for reaching a presidential agreement among and with other blocs with which they have intersected over a common presidential candidate,” al-Jadeed TV said.

The conferees discussed “how to publicize this intersection when it happens in order to push for ending the presidential vacuum,” the TV network added.

Change MPs will meanwhile hold a meeting in parliament on Thursday evening to “discuss Jihad Azour’s nomination,” al-Jadeed said.

“MP Halima Qaaqour will boycott the meeting because she rejects Azour’s nomination,” al-Jadeed added.

Moreover, a number of Change MPs will soon hold Zoom meetings with Azour, TV networks said.

“As part of their conditions, the opposition blocs will ask Azour to prevent sectarian quotas in ministries and will argue that the finance portfolio should not always be allocated to Shiites and that the interior portfolio should not always be allotted to Sunnis,” Change bloc sources told al-Jadeed.

“The opposition blocs will ask Azour to guarantee that a one-third-plus-one share would not be granted to any camp,” the sources added.

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