Report: Macron told al-Rahi Christian agreement not enough for president election


An agreement among Lebanon’s Christians over a presidential candidate would be an “important” step, but “it is not enough for the election of a president,” French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly told Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

“Things in the country require consensus with the political forces,” Macron added, according to al-Akhbar newspaper.

“This might curb the drive of Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, especially that he was hoping for a change in the French stance that would back the Christian position and reshuffle cards in the Lebanese interior,” the daily said.

Bassil was also hoping that a changed French stance would “push the Hezbollah and Amal Movement duo to back down from (Suleiman) Franjieh’s nomination,” al-Akhbar added.

Informed sources meanwhile told al-Joumhouria daily that Macron was “clear” with the patriarch. “There won’t be a president in Lebanon not enjoying Hezbollah’s consent,” the French leader told the patriarch, the sources said.

Al-Akhbar for its part said that al-Rahi would dispatch delegates to the political forces and that Bkirki is also “awaiting the Vatican to conduct contacts with the foreign forces who have an influence on the Lebanese file, in addition to French talks with Lebanese and foreign forces, especially Saudi Arabia.”

Political sources meanwhile said that “the Vatican has advised al-Rahi not to go far in antagonizing Hezbollah or the Shiite sect” and that Holy See officials stressed that “the presidential file must be discussed with all the Lebanese components.”

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Missing freedomforall 02 June 2023, 16:17

What the hell is wrong with you Nahar?? STOP quoting Al Akhbar BS!

Thumb boulos1010 02 June 2023, 16:35

To Macron----no one cares what you say.

Thumb gebran_sons 02 June 2023, 18:07

Let us ponder what Macron is saying: France is in deep economic Sh*t. France needs to sell Iranian, Saudi and Iraqi our nuclear technology and military hardware. French firms may also benefit from Syria reconstruction if he can bargain with Assad. On the other hand, Lebanon is bankrupt with people electing same political mafia and allowing a criminal militia to control the country. Not a real nation! Considering Lebanese standard of living equal to Somalia, no purchasing power for any French products no less luxury, and Hizbollah and political mafia running the country, then sacrificing Lebanon for France regional economic benefits is now official France policy. Frankly, who can blame France after our election results!

Thumb 02 June 2023, 23:11

La France est un pays en déclassement, sans colonialisme et néo-colonialisme (cf.néo-liberalisme expansionniste) elle n'a aucun avenir. Macron, tout ce qu'il fait c'est gesticuler. La France pays de cocagne? La présence persistante d'inégalités économiques, territoriales et sociales croissantes remet en question l'idée d'un pays de cocagne harmonieux et parfait où tous les individus vivraient en harmonie et en prospérité.