Azour gives Change MPs 'diplomatic' answers on Hezbollah arms


Presidential candidate Jihad Azour held separate Zoom meetings overnight with a number of Change MPs, media reports said.

“The MPs asked him about his stance on the October 17 uprising and how he would deal with the sovereign issues, Hezbollah’s arms, the judicial files, the probe in the Beirut port blast case, the recovery plan and other matters,” the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported on Friday.

“Azour used diplomacy to avoid giving direct answers to some matters in question, including Hezbollah’s arms, saying all parties should meet around a dialogue table to discuss the arms’ future,” the daily said.

“As for exiting the crisis that Lebanon is going through, he said that it is necessary to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and to begin implementing the reforms needed within the recovery plan,” the newspaper added.

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Thumb gebran_sons 02 June 2023, 17:16

Does Azour really understand economics? Who bankrupted Lebanon and made us a pariah state, beggar nation with no security, respect or dignity? Corruption has always existed but economy did fine. What changed is Basij occupation and systemic destruction of State institutions, productive sectors and our way of life (mimicking Iran). If 7% growth was maintained after Cedar Revolution, debt will be paid off and Lebanese with their education and entrepreneurial spirit would dominate the region from finance to banking, insurance, digital economy, digital security, medical, media, education, art & others. Beirut was a golden brand name attracting investment and progress. A beacon of civility to guide Arab Spring. Hizb, Do and Useful Idiots are 100% responsible for bankrupting Lebanon and destroying savings and pensions, sacrificing Lebanon’s present, past and future for Iran’s nuclear nirvana and regional hegemony. Wake up Azour if you don’t want to end up as another Useful Idiot!

Thumb gebran_sons 02 June 2023, 17:17

News media failure is beyond belief. No discussions of economic cost of political instability, or retaining reputable international firms for scientific assessment. Risk management is basic science, bread and butter for insurance & investment firms. Simple analysis shows cost of Hizb political risk, 2006 War, assassinations is in the hundreds of billions. Hizbollah is the reason western firms left Beirut, why Arab & diaspora investment dried out and why no sane industrialist will invest in automation, advanced machinery, robots or R&D. Worst, Rafiq Hariri efforts to boost business reputation by rebuilding airport, infrastructure, Downtown, telecom were all destroyed by Hizb. Because of risk factor, state assets have devalued and any major long term investment (port, airport, power…) will cost 20 times more because of political risk. Unless Hizbollah disarmed, no recovery is possible. Economy 101.