FPM says will 'certainly' vote for Azour


The choice of voting for Jihad Azour in the presidential elections is “certain and natural,” the Free Patriotic Movement said.

Voting for Azour is aimed at “stressing rejection of the election of the imposed candidate from whom no reform or change of the establishment controlling the country can be hoped,” the FPM’s political council said in a statement.

“Intersection over this nomination has consumed time due to the FPM’s insistence on refraining from endorsing any confrontation candidate who might challenge any party of the Lebanese,” the statement said, noting that the FPM has called for the triumph of the “consensus and rapprochement approach.”

Criticizing the Hezbollah-led camp, the FPM said that “intransigence in imposing a certain candidate and rejecting any dialogue over any other candidate contradicts with the rules of national partnership.”

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