Democratic Gathering nominates Azour for presidency


The Democratic Gathering bloc of the Progressive Socialist Party has officially nominated ex-minister Jihad Azour for the presidency, noting that “ex-MP Walid Jumblat was the first to propose his nomination as part of a package of names that he discussed with the various political forces.”

Jumblat’s aim was to reach “consensus and end the approach of confrontation,” the bloc said in a statement issued after a meeting in Clemenceau attended by Jumblat and his son MP Taymour Jumblat.

“Supporting Azour does not mean at all that we are part of any alignment, seeing as we were the first to propose him before he was endorsed by any other party,” the bloc added.

Stressing its “commitment to dialogue to reach the aspired consensus,” the bloc expressed its surprise that “Azour has been considered a confrontation candidate,” calling on all forces to “adhere to the approach of real dialogue to finalize the presidential juncture as soon as possible.”

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