Israeli army fires smoke grenades at Lebanese MP and journalists


MP Qassem Hashem and a number of journalists suffered suffocation injuries after Israeli troops fired smoke grenades at them as they were touring the border near the occupied Shebaa Farms on Saturday, the National News Agency said.

“It is our right to reach any spot in the Kfarshouba Hills and the Shebaa Farms and what we’re suffering is a normal thing in light of the Israeli enemy’s hostile nature,” Hashem said after the incident.

Israeli stun grenades wounded three members of Hezbollah on Wednesday near the border.

The incidents come amid tensions along the Israel-Lebanon border area and ten days after the Israeli army struck southern Lebanon following an anti-tank missile launch from Lebanon. The missile exploded in the border area between the two foes.

That same day, Hezbollah had denounced Israel for building a concrete wall around the town of Ghajar.

The Blue Line cuts through Ghajar, formally placing its northern part in Lebanon and its southern part in the Israeli-occupied and annexed Golan Heights.

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said Lebanon would file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council over Israel's "annexation" of the north of Ghajar.

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Thumb 15 July 2023, 14:43

Are the smoke grenades fired inside Lebanese territory? If yes, it’s an act of terror. Where are Macron, Sholtz and Biden? No outrage when their citizens terrorise our region.