Nasrallah warns Israel against any mistake, pins hope on talks with FPM


Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday warned Israel against committing any “mistake or foolishness,” as he said that his party’s dialogue with the Free Patriotic Movement might lead to a presidential breakthrough.

“The enemy’s entity is still occupying a part of our land in the Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshouba Hills and over the past weeks it re-occupied a part of the Ghajar village. It is provoking, violating and occupying territory while very insolently talking about the resistance’s provocations on the border,” Nasrallah said in a televised address marking the Shiite holy day of Ashura.

“From here I warn the Israelis against any foolishness or wrong choices. The valiant, honorable resistance in Lebanon will not be lenient and will not give up its responsibilities -- neither in protection nor in deterrence and liberation,” Nasrallah added.

Hezbollah "will not bow to this shaky and crumbling entity and it will be ready to confront any mistake or foolishness," Nasrallah vowed.

As for the domestic situation, Nasrallah pinned hope on Hezbollah's ongoing dialogue with the FPM, which has reportedly made "major progress."

"It is clear that everyone will wait for the September return of the French envoy and the initiative he has talked about, and we believe that there is a chance until that time comes to open the door to serious and strenuous bilateral talks that might break the current impasse in the presidential file," Hezbollah's supremo said.

Apparently referring to the dialogue with the FPM, he added: "This is what we're working on and we will see what we can achieve in the coming days."

Nasrallah also said that the caretaker Cabinet should "continue to shoulder its responsibilities within the allowed constitutional restraints" and that "it is unacceptable to paralyze parliament under any excuse when it comes to necessary legislation and everything related to citizens' lives."

  • 29 July 2023, 11:16

    Nasrallah: We pledge that we will remain on the path of Imam Hussein and that we will carry his objectives and confront all the tyrants of the Earth.

  • 29 July 2023, 11:11

    Nasrallah: We want to defend our people so that they remain free, sovereign and honorable. We are defending our country and its resources and we reject humiliation and injustice. When the Zionists or any enemy put us before two choices we will always reject humiliation.

  • 29 July 2023, 11:09

    Nasrallah: It is unacceptable to paralyze parliament under any excuse, especially in matters related to the lives of citizens.

  • 29 July 2023, 11:05

    Nasrallah: It is clear that everyone will wait for September for the return of the French envoy, and we believe that this is a chance to open the door to serious dialogues that can break the current presidential impasse. This is what we’re working on and we’ll see what we can achieve in the coming days.

  • 29 July 2023, 10:59

    Nasrallah: I warn the enemy’s leaders against committing any foolishness, because the resistance in Lebanon will not be lenient and it won’t give up its protection and deterrence responsibilities.

  • 29 July 2023, 10:56

    Nasrallah: On the southern Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, Lebanon is the one being aggressed against. The enemy’s entity is still occupying a part of our land and over the past weeks it reoccupied a part of the Ghajar village and with extreme insolence it is talking about the resistance’s provocations on the border.

  • 29 July 2023, 10:54

    Nasrallah: We in Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance stress that we stand by the resistance of the Palestinian people and that our battle is one.

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Thumb gebran_sons 29 July 2023, 11:19

How stupid can one be? Has Hizb liberated Shebaa from Syria first? How about eastern and northern maritime borders? Hizb has made our borders Swiss cheese occupied by Iran Foreign Legion, turning Lebanon into an Iranian base, enforcing a Basij mentality foreign to our traditions and culture. Never has Lebanon been weaker with no freedom, respect or dignity, a beggar nation as since Hizb took over with help of its Useful Idiots. A country with no sovereignty has no dignity and anyone who sold our dignity and freedom is a traitor.

Thumb Mystic 29 July 2023, 14:29

Syria, Iran are friendly countries, whereas America, France and Israel are the countries holding Lebanon down from achieving success in all sectors, including the current crisis. Soon we might see Lebanon officially become part of the Eastern hemisphere and finally cut our ties to the West and their sanctions.

Missing cedars 29 July 2023, 14:44

Explain to me the life of people in Iran-Syria-Iraq and now Lebanon under your hegemony and away from politics versus UAE, Jordan and Qatar where those arab countries are friendly with US-France-Israel that you call them enemies.
How many Tesla do you see in Syria-Iran-Iraq and Lebanon?

Thumb Mystic 29 July 2023, 16:03

You judge the GDP of a country by counting the number of Tesla cars the people drive?
That is ridiculous. Why do you think the Russian economy didn't collapse despite Western sanctions? Because China and the Global South keep doing business with the Russians. America tried to break up independent countries and failed to do so. The Gulf has also refused to put down the price cap on oil that the west ordered them to do, which means even the Gulf has started a more sovereign approach to world politics instead of the classical pro American line they had. Lebanon too can follow this approach and start going the eastern path and become truly independent.

Missing HellAndWaite 31 July 2023, 01:11

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
Sun Tzu

Thumb 29 July 2023, 23:41

I respectfully disagree with some of the points raised. It's essential to acknowledge that countries like Syria, Iran, France, and the US should not be considered friends. Likewise, comparing the UAE and Qatar to Syria or Iraq might is clumsy and inapropriate.

It's also important to note that the UAE and Qatar have not faced the same scale of refugee crisis as countries like ours and others in the region. While the UAE and Qatar have made humanitarian contributions and offered aid to refugees, they have not been overwhelmed by millions of refugees.

As for Jordan, it could collapse at any given time, it's only surviving because it's being financially supported by KSA. Israel hasn't played any positive role in any country around the world.

Thumb Mrowwe 29 July 2023, 15:57

cedars, explain to the people who were bombed by israel what quality of life they have? Do they have teslas? Do the babies that lost limbs thanks to israel have teslas? And what about freedom, is there any freedom of speach in the arab countries that have political ties to israel? Or can you go to jail for posting a joke or an opposing political view? Moreover, who sanctioned iran? Was it iran that sanctioned itself? Who destroyed iraq while it had a US-allied government under maliki? Are you one of those zionist jews who pretend to be lebanese in order to neutralize israel and make it seem like its not our enemy? Or maybe a son of an accursed SLA terrorist that used to torture lebanese on behalf of israel? Did you give out teslas to the victims of the SLA ?

Thumb SupportBeirut 30 July 2023, 15:59

Nasrallah warns Israel against any mistake. Don't worry they have a good spell checker.