Qaouq: Hezbollah-FPM dialogue only ray of hope in the country


Senior Hezbollah official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq on Sunday warned that “the political crisis in Lebanon is deepening the financial-economic-social crisis, while there is a political camp that is still rejecting solutions and insisting on the policy of challenge and confrontation.”

“They are betting on the weapon of foreign sanctions and are inciting to draw these sanctions against their partners in the country,” Qaouq said.

“Lebanon does not bear a president who would come through the weapon of sanctions, seeing as we are not in the year 1982 and will not be and Lebanon’s interest lies in the presence of a president who would oversee understandings in order to rescue the country,” Qaouq added, stressing that the new president “should not be a platform for settling political scores and threatening national unity.”

“We in Hezbollah are searching for a solution and appropriate exits to save the country, whereas they are looking for continuing the confrontation and political battle,” Qaouq went on to say.

As for the ongoing dialogue between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, the Hezbollah official said: “Amid this political deadlock and tension, the only ray of hope in the country is the dialogue between Hezbollah and the FPM.”

“The core of this dialogue is the election of a president and it is continuing in a positive manner and is not awaiting any foreign movements,” Qaouq added.

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Thumb 06 August 2023, 14:59

"Hezbollah-FPM dialogue only ray of hope in the country" then we’re truly finished. Mustaqbal ma fishhhh!

Missing un520 06 August 2023, 18:52

The only hope for Hezbollah, not for Lebanon...

Thumb sanglierdomestique 07 August 2023, 14:32

meanwhile you have been using foreign weapons against their hostages in the country since the 1980s