Bassil offers condolences to Bejjani's family in Kahale


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Friday offered condolences in Kahale to the family of Fadi Bejjani -- the man who was killed in the clash with Hezbollah members following the overturn of a Hezbollah truck in the town.

Bejjani’s family members are reportedly supporters of the FPM while he was a member of the Waad Party founded by slain ex-minister Elie Hobeika and currently headed by his son Joe Hobeika.

Bassil had criticized Hezbollah in the wake of the Kahale incident, saying “the resistance should be embraced by the Lenanese people, or else it would lost its immunity and strength.”

He also called for a defense strategy and said “Shiite unity is not enough for the resistance and the country to be in a good situation.”

The FPM for its part said that Kahale's victims fell due to "shortcomings from Hezbollah or the security forces" and warned against "exploitation attempts by politicians and journalists."

Bejjani and Hezbollah member Ahmed Qassas, both of whom were armed according to videos, were killed in an exchange of gunfire after a Hezbollah ammunition truck flipped over on the downhill curve of the international highway that passes through Kahale.

The incident started after some residents learned that the truck belonged to Hezbollah. They surrounded it and demanded to know what was inside before a fistfight ensued between two individuals. Footage available online also shows Hezbollah members opening fire and Kahale residents hurling rocks towards the overturned truck and its armed Hezbollah guards.

Another video shows a short-distance exchange of gunfire between Hezbollah members and Bejjani. The identity of the individual who fired the first shot is still unclear.

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Thumb 18 August 2023, 23:33

This form of journalism is a vestige of the Lebanese Civil War and the subsequent post-war era. It diverges significantly from Western newspapers due to the prevailing dominion of warlords who govern both the nation of Lebanon and its adjacent environs, presiding over a tapestry of diverse sects. Regrettably, even the Ta'if accords, designed to curb such absurdity, have failed to extinguish this spectacle, as these potentates persist in orchestrating the narrative. It is our responsibility to articulate our discontent with a decorum befitting the gravity of the situation and, naturally, to desist from electing them, their progeny, or their affiliates.

Missing cedars 19 August 2023, 18:12

Let me start by saying, if this is in fact as Hassan Nasralah says lebanon is all about: Army-people-resistance then Hezbollah that claim that it is helping the people and army MUST be supported by the Army and people. 1- Army was not aware of the arms transportation (issue #1) and people of Kahale who came to rescue the driver and were told stay away(issue #2) did not support the resistance simply like the Druze kicked out Hezbollah from their town when they came to plant rockets against Israel. In summary: Army and people equation does not exist and it's fake resistance especially that blood was shed for nothing.