Bou Saab tells army chief's backers his election would be 'unconstitutional'


Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab has advised “those promoting presidential candidates abroad” not to support “a candidate whose election would violate the constitution, such as Army chief Joseph Aoun.”

MP Tony Franjieh meanwhile said that his father, Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh, “has never been an obstacle in the way of a solution.”

“But his withdrawal (from the presidential race) is not currently on the table, and when solutions are discussed around a table we will discuss the matter,” Franjieh added.

The MP also said that MP Mohammed Raad’s latest visit to Bnashii “was not related to his (Raad’s) meeting with General (Joseph) Aoun,” while stressing that Marada “supports dialogue without preconditions, seeing as the economic situation cannot bear further waiting.”

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Missing phillipo 19 September 2023, 13:29

If he is of the "right" religion how could his election be unconstitutional?

Thumb gebran_sons 19 September 2023, 14:41

Spoken like a true SNSP party member! Are his castles in Dhour El Shwair and others built with his Gulf money or from skimming UN aids to Syrian education in return to allow them settle on our land in the millions? Inquisitive mind wants to know!

Thumb 19 September 2023, 22:31

If Lebanon had Nazis, they'd sound and look like him.